Forklift RENTALS & services 1-STOP-SHOP

  • Leasing (Battery & Forklift) up to 36 months
  • Local service and installation
  • Parts and accessories reconditioned batteries and chargers: pre-owned and refurbished units (Subject to availability).
  • The fastest turnaround on custom sizes: contact our sales department for details
  • Battery Recycling, General Replating, and
  • Replacement of Defective Battery Cells
  • Service on-site Battery Testing, Repairing, and Installation.
  • Battery handling equipment: complete turnkey battery handling systems.
  • Automatic battery watering systems: factory-installed option.
  • On-site battery cleaning and maintenance service.
  • Forklift servicing (Preventive Maintenance, repair, and spare parts supply).

forklift battery repair & sales

Impact Resistance | Easy Maintenance & Handling | Long Service Life

Our Forklift Batteries are available either for SALE or for RENT. Complete services for your battery needs:

  • Repair & reconditioning of forklift batteries.
  • Onsite battery cleaning & maintenance services.
  • Local Service & Installation.


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Forklifts are powerful industrial trucks that are used to lift and move materials from small distances. The major forklift trucks are diesel-powered, LPG or petrol-powered, and electric-powered.

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There are many industries that depend on the ability to efficiently move products and materials in a warehouse for shipping, storage, and other purposes.

toyota forklifts for sale - 500px


Forklift batteries come in all shapes, sizes, and types. So how will you know what types of batteries will best fit your needs? Examine the types of batteries that are currently being used in the material handling industry, along with their pros and cons.

mobilization and transfer

Whether transporting a forklift that’s new, or one that’s been in the shop for service, when your equipment comes to the dock for delivery it should meet your expectations. Transportation plays a big role in the process.

Eysidyi Trading takes the necessary steps to safely deliver your forklift.

machining works

We are a well-known forklift repair and maintenance provider that specializes in the industry. If you are having a problem with your Forklift parts, don’t hesitate to click the button below.

relining of wheels

Keep your forklift operating efficiently and your drivers comfortable by making your new forklift tire investment a smart one with our comprehensive forklift tire repair services.

hand pallet truck

Pallet trucks are mainly used in the warehouse environment to move pallets from one area to another. Move pallets from storage or warehouse to a waiting lorry with ease.

racking system

Warehouse racking, also known as storage or pallet racking, is a material handling system suitable for the mass storage of goods unitized on skids or pallets.

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industrial tires

An industrial tire is generally built with a style designed to help it power through dirt, mud, and other ‘soft’ conditions.


We Have Been A Major Supplier Of Forklifts, Traction Batteries, And Equipment For Warehouses In The Philippines Since 2007

SINCE 2007

Ey Si Dyi Trading Corporation is an important forklift services company in the Philippines. We provide the best forklift services to our clients. We have been providing forklift services since 2007, and we are constantly improving our services to make sure you get the best service possible.


Ey-Si-Dyi Trading Corp. is your trusted FULL-SERVICE provider of Forklifts and forklift batteries. We aim to provide our CLIENTS with the BEST SOLUTIONS for their WAREHOUSING NEEDS in their BUSINESS with Professional Commitment. CALL US TODAY.


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